туры в Петербург

Perfection in details

Destination Management Company

Tour operator
license РТО 020176

Originally Zest came from French Zeste: ‘orange or lemon peel’

туры в Петербург
Perfection in details
Zest is just a detail, and we believe the perfection lies in the details.

“Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail.”― Leonardo Da Vinci

Great enthusiasm and energy;

 A quality of excitement and piquancy;

An ingredient, the outer peel of citrus fruit used to add flavor.

туры в Петербург
With over 15 years of experience in incentive travel business we launched a new concept of work.
We believe that we don’t need a lot of employees. This approach let us reduce expenses and makes our offers more competitive.
We have a full network of freelancers and reliable partners in other cities to work on our projects.
We have the expertise to create programs with the highest attention to detail.
We value our clients and we strive to create solutions that work best for you.
We enjoy working in the incentive travel business and we invite you to join us!
And that is why we created a new company Zest of Russia.
Your ZESTeam


туры в Петербург

from A to Z

Anna Anipchenko

Executive director

Spanish, French, English
languages speaking

Katia Zaitseva

General manager

French, English
languages speaking

Liza Kasimova

Department in Moscow
Sales director

Spanish, English
language speaking

Olga Morozova

Department in Moscow
Director of operations​

English, French, Spanish
language speaking

Спб Санкт-Перебург экскурсии

Anastasia Ivanitskaia

Department in St.Petersburg     Senior sales manager

English, Spanish
language speaking

Ksenia Timirshina

Department in St.Petersburg
Operation manager

language speaking

Maria Andreevna

Department in St.Petersburg

Phd Art History
English, Spanish
languages speaking

Alexandra Grigorieva

Department in St.Petersburg     Accountant

language speaking

Maria Golynskaya

Partner in Karelia

Severnoye siyanie


Alexander Khoroshilov

 Partner in Sochi

 Ruta Sochi


Regina Tyumeneva

Partner in Kazan



Kamchatka Камчатка

Alla Ganster

Partner in Kamchatka

Kamchatka pure


Alena Panasenko

Partner in Astrakhan

Astra Sky


Our address
4, Kirpichny lane
191186 St.Petersburg
Contact us
+7 931 311-73-07
Contact us
+7 931 990-33-33

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туры в Петербург

Free visa support

For our clients, we offer a complimentary visa support letter, consulting and all needed information in regards to visa support.

Free application

For each project, we build up a special application for Android users and a webpage for iPhone users, for free.

We are multilingual

We speak, write and think in English, Spanish, French, Russian and even in finger language.


туры в Петербург

Our team prides itself in:

Easy communication;
Friendly ambiance;
Quick replies to you.

We offer you:

Efficient research;
Flexible conditions;
A complimentary sense of humor.


Different charity founds;
Souvenirs made by the handicapped;
Real and personal help.
туры в Петербург

Incentive programs

During 15 years we enjoy working in the incentive travel business and we invite you to join us!

Business tourism

Business meeting, assistance with translation, visa support letter, hotel booking, transfers and other services

Special tours

We're experienсed in organizing programs for connoisseurs of ballet, classical music, literature, beaux arts, gourmets, sports teams, hunters, vip clients, government delegation ... and are ready for a new experience with your special clients!

Shore excursions

For our cruise clients looking for an individual approach and attention, we offer all land services and provide all documents for free visa stay.

Individual tours

We pay to each individual clients exactly the same amount of attention as for an incentive group. We are excellent in details and do everything to make this trip as a “dream trip”

Medical conferences and workshops

We have a big experience of organization of medical conferences, including scientific programs, workshops, online surgeries and practical training. We undertake as well the search and all negotiations with the medical institution.

Conferences & congresses

We can offer new and unexpected solutions and platforms for your conference. We can contact each participant, take care about printing materials and IT solutions.


туры в Петербург
туры в Петербург
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European projects

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Projects from Latin America

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Projects from USA


Realised projects during   Championship 2018


No program is created using a template.

Programs are created together with each client, based on the client’s requests. We propose the best choice to help you choose the right options.

ZEST recommends some films about RUSSIA

туры в Петербург

"In the forest of Siberia"

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туры в Петербург


St.Petersburg is the first city in Russia to join the international program Safe Travels which is ensuring the safe tourism. We are pleased to announce that Zest of Russia DMC is happy to offer you the excellent service, now certified by the international security standard.

We are waiting for you right after opening the borders!

The register number of the tour operator Zest of Russia 


PTO 020176

Our address
4, Kirpichny lane
191186 St.Petersburg

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